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Free shipping and installation

Free door-to-door service within the urban area for purchases of more than 2,000 yuan (except for specials);

Three-year free warranty

We have always been committed to providing high-quality solid wood customization for the whole house, and our company promises: a three-year free warranty period for customization of the whole house.

Emergency maintenance arrangements

After receiving the customer's request for after-sales service, telephone or fax, we will respond within 2 hours, and arrange a special person to arrive at the scene to deal with it and propose a solution within 24 hours.

After-sales service telephone technical service personnel

Our customer service center is a direct communication channel with customers' quality inspections. It is responsible for handling all consultations, complaints, product maintenance, emergency services, and product introductions of consultants.

Product after-sale extension service

For the fabric renovation, relocation and reorganization of all bid products, if the customer has a request in the future, our company will be responsible for the construction and only charge the cost.

Other service commitments

1. Provide comprehensive consulting services
2. Free professional installation and maintenance during the warranty period
3. Furniture demolition and reorganization

Technical support for production enterprises

Training for agent personnel: For the agents who act as agents of our company's products, we will send professionals to conduct training and service guidance to agents, explain the use of products and so on.

Maintenance service charge standard

Due to our production reasons, the product quality problems (except for damaged goods or unavoidable natural disasters), the company does not charge any warranty repair service fees and parts fees.